OA Sheets Amazon Leads and Tools

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When will the leads be delivered

Lists are distributed at 7 am CST, and you will receive an email containing a link to the sheet for easy access on that day.

I know it can be frustrating getting a list of leads and not being ungated in them. All leads are checked against my personal seller account. While the fact that I can sell them does not mean that you will not need to get ungated, it makes sense for me to provide leads that have potential. However, I understand your frustration, and I’m here to assist you in navigating the process of getting ungated for those leads. Let’s work together to streamline the process and maximize your opportunities

You can reach me via email at help@oasheets.com or by utilizing the Facebook link located at the bottom of each page to send a message.

To cancel your membership please email me at help@oasheets.com or use the contact form below 

Mixed Category Leads include all normally sourced  Amazon  categories except Books , and  Clothing & Shoes 

You may come across a error when going through your leads, I am human and things do happen! However I 100% want to correct it and I want you to let me know, Even if the error was from two weeks ago and it is not a lead you plan on purchasing- I want to make it right for the other people on the list. 

My leads include $0.50 inbound shipping for Amazon FBA and include any shipping fees from retailers that do not offer “Free shipping” 

Your account will be charged on the day of sign-up, and subsequently on the same day each month thereafter.

If you are not ready for a daily list we sometimes offer “one time lists” and you can find those here!